Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Hillary Clinton Is A Threat To All Of Humanity

Hillary Rodham Clinton is a Wall Street-backed warmonger whose potential election as President of the United States this November poses an existential threat not just to Americans but to all of humanity.

While Secretary of State, Hillary was supporting terrorist forces in Syria. US intelligence knew the leading fighting groups were all extremists, while politicians were denying this truth. Hillary Clinton, who had access to the intelligence, is therefore an out-and-out terrorist supporter among her other crimes.

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Syrian War Report – July 25, 2016: Russians Bombed US Secret Base in Syria?

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How Europe Is Causing It's Own Collapse

Paul Joseph Watson talks with Syrian Girl about the almost daily terror attacks in Europe and what is driving them.

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Trump: 'Americanism NOT Globalism Will Be Our Creedo' - Sanders Voters Could Swing the Election

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Stanton Friedman Debunks the UFO Noisy Negativists

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Tuesday, 26 July 2016


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This Week in Stupid - Sargon of Akkad on Alex Jones vs Cenk Uygur Fight

Some rational observations from Sargon.

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Epilogue to "RFK Must Die": Pruszynski Recording Reveals Second Gun

An update to Shane O'Sullivan's "RFK Must Die" documentary featuring new audio recording evidence of a second gunman firing the shot that killed Bobby Kennedy [as premiered on the Documentary Channel, October 13, 2008]. This previously unknown audio tape, only recently uncovered, reveals that Sirhan Sirhan did not act alone in the June 1968 assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy.

The RFK case is not only about this sound recording (or for that matter the crime scene pictures with more wounds and bullet holes than could be attributed to a single gun) but also the autopsy that showed RFK was fatally shot in the back at point blank range - within one inch.

The convicted 'killer', Sirhah Sirhan, shot at RFK from the front, and was many feet away (too far to cause the powder burns on RFK's clothing). The security guard behind RFK, who had the same calibre firearm is the only person who could have caused these injuries - and he lied about his gun. None of this evidence was tested in court because Sirhan's lawyers pleaded guilty in order to (supposedly) avoid a death penalty sentence. Political assassination is always an option in the US if electronic vote fraud cannot effectively be used.

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Gerald Celente - Ponzinomics: Central Banks To Crash The Markets

Economic collapse and financial crisis is rising any moment. Getting informed about collapse and crisis may earn you, or prevent to lose money.

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With Friends Like Brussels, Who Needs Enemies? EU to Fine Greece for Saving Ship Builders

BRUSSELS bureaucrats are set to fine impoverished Greece a million euros every month in revenge for its Government stepping in to save ship builders’ jobs.

Out of touch eurocrats are seeking a court order for a massive financial crackdown on the struggling country, which has been driven into third world poverty by EU policies.

They want to impose a six million euro upfront penalty on Greece’s cash-strapped government, to be followed by a daily levy of 34,974 euros.

The row has erupted because Greek ministers used taxpayers money to save the Hellenic Shipyards company in 2008, guaranteeing the jobs of more than a thousand workers.

The EU dictatorship.

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NASA Shows Earth Cooling Fastest On Record

NASA’s just released data shows that Earth is cooling the fastest it has since at least 1880. Over the past four months, global temperatures have dropped more than half a degree C. The second fastest drop occurred 100 years ago in 1916.

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Monday, 25 July 2016

Newsbud Demands Public Retraction from NBC for Unethical False Reporting

On July 15, 2016, as an attempted coup unfolded in Turkey, a report began to circulate widely that Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had fled the country by air and was requesting asylum in Germany. The apparent origin of this report was NBC News. A tweet has also been cited in many articles from MSNBC Segment Producer, Kyle Griffin. Griffin’s tweet stated, “senior US military source tells NBC News that Erdogan, refused landing rights in Istanbul, is reported to be seeking asylum in Germany.” This report was presented as factual, and was reported on by many different media outlets. Despite an intense public outcry, to date there has been no explanation, retraction or apology for it from NBC, MSNBC, or Kyle Griffin. We at Newsbud believe it is highly irresponsible and harmful to present and circulate a false report. Further, the public has the right to know how its mainstream news outlets such as NBC are being directly used by senior government Psyop actors to concoct and disseminate strategic false information. In this case, who is this Senior US Military Official cited as NBC’s source for this proven-false Erdogan Asylum story?

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Decades of Deception (RECAP)

The historical fact of conspiracy as policy. Wars, Coups, False Flags, illegal drugs, guns, and even Nuclear technology spread through deception led by governments.

This film helps explain the mafia-like SYSTEM that is in operation today within the United States. A highly recommended history of covert war, terrorism and how the US Government has been compromised for a long time.

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Keiser Report (E944): Escaping America

Max and Stacy talk first to Jeff Berwick of the Dollar Vigilante about Americans renouncing their citizenship as a solution to bank embargoes and double taxation. In the second half, Max and Stacy talk to Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof, founder of BitNation - the world’s first virtual nation, a blockchain powered jurisdiction - about ending geographical apartheid in the digital and crypto age.

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Judge Jeanie Pirro - Wikileaks Email Dump Suggests DNC Favored Clinton Over Sanders

Judge Jeanie Pirro - Wikileaks Email Dump... by debunkerbuster

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Global Warming Expedition Stopped In Its Tracks By Arctic Sea Ice

The Polar Ocean Challenge is taking a two month journey that will see them go from Bristol, Alaska, to Norway, then to Russia through the North East passage, back to Alaska through the North West passage, to Greenland and then ultimately back to Bristol. Their objective, as laid out by their website, was to demonstrate “that the Arctic sea ice coverage shrinks back so far now in the summer months that sea that was permanently locked up now can allow passage through.”

There has been one small hiccup thus-far though: they are currently stuck in Murmansk, Russia because there is too much ice blocking the North East passage the team said didn’t exist in summer months, according to Real Climate Science.

Real Climate Science also provides a graph showing that current Arctic temperatures — despite alarmist claims of the Arctic being hotter than ever — is actually below normal.

It's possible the arctic voyagers will try to cheat and follow behind an icebreaker. They will be closely monitored.

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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Failed Coup in Turkey Realigns Ankara with Moscow — and Saves Assad

A failed coup in Turkey has changed the geopolitical landscape overnight, realigning Ankara with Moscow while shattering Washington’s plan to redraw the map of the Middle East. Whether Turkish strongman Recep Tayyip Erdogan staged the coup or not is of little importance in the bigger scheme of things. The fact is, the incident has consolidated his power domestically while derailing Washington’s plan to control critical resources and pipeline corridors from Qatar to Europe.

The Obama administration’s disregard for the national security interests of its allies has pushed the Turkish president into Moscow’s camp, removing the crucial land-bridge between Europe and Asia that Washington needs to maintain its global hegemony into the new century. Washington’s plan to pivot to Asia, surround and break up Russia, control China’s growth and maintain its iron grip on global power is now in a shambles. The events of the last few days have changed everything.
Obama can only blame himself for the debacle that is now unfolding. Erdogan was completely clear about Turkey’s red lines, the most important of which is preventing the Kurdish militias from moving west of the Euphrates and creating a contiguous state along the Syrian side of Turkeys southern border. Here’s Erdogan commenting on developments a few months ago:
“Right now, there is a serious project, plan being implemented in northern Syria. And on this project and plan lay the insidious aims of those who appear as ‘friends’. This is very clear, so I need to make clear statements.”
Instead of addressing Erdogan’s security concerns, Obama brushed him aside in order to pursue the US goal of establishing bases and seizing territory in East Syria that will eventually be used as pipeline routes from Qatar to the EU. Naturally, Erdogan responded in kind, forming alliances with former enemies (Russia, Syria, Israel) in order to reset Turkish foreign policy and address the growing threat of an emerging Kurdish state on his southern flank. Keep in mind, Turkey believes that America’s new proxies in Syria–the Kurdish YPG– are linked to the PKK, which is listed as a terror organization by the U.S. and EU. Had Obama committed US troops to the fight, (instead of using the YPG) Erdogan would not have reacted at all. But the fact that Obama was deliberately strengthening Turkey’s traditional rivals in their westward move, was more than Erdogan could bear.

Erdogan Apologizes

At the end of June, Erdogan apologized to President Vladimir Putin for the death of a Russian pilot who was killed when Turkey downed a bomber flying over Syrian territory last November. The shootdown prompted Putin to break off relations with Ankara, ending all communication between the two countries. Then, in the last week of June, Erdogan sent a letter to Putin “expressing his deep sympathy and condolences to the relatives of the deceased Russian pilot.” He added that Russia was “a friend and a strategic partner” with whom the Turkish authorities would not want to spoil relations.” (The Turkish pilots who shot down the Russian Su-24 have since been arrested and charged as members of the Gulenist coup.)

The White House inexplicably never commented on this thawing of relations which posed obvious risks to US ambitions in the region.


Then, just two weeks ago, reports began to emerge that Erdogan was making an effort to normalize relations with Syrian President Bashar al Assad. The news wasn’t reported in most of the western media, but the Guardian ran an article titled “Syrian rebels stunned as Turkey signals normalisation of Damascus relations”.

There was a question as to why Turkish jets on the side of the coup didn't shoot down Erdogan's plane - which made the events seem like a false flag. Apparently: President Erdogan's jet disguised itself as civilian aircraft [passenger jet] to 'vanish' from Turkey rebel jets' radar

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Syrian War Report – July 21/22, 2016: Russian Air Power Purges Jihadists in Northern Latakia

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How the Australian, British, and US Governments Shamelessly Helped Kill Countless People in Indonesia in 1965

The Hague-based International People’s Tribunal has ruled that the Indonesian regime that replaced Indonesian President Sukarno committed crimes against humanity in 1965. The governments of Australia, Britain, and the United States have also been pronounced guilty as complicit partners in the massacre of 500,000 to 1000,000 people or more in Indonesia. People were murdered in Indonesia due to their principles, political ideology, ethnic backgrounds, and opposition to foreign influence. Albeit the ruling is an important historical acknowledgment, the assistance that the Australian, British, and US governments provided to the coup and played in the massacres is not a secret.
Asia-Pacific Research presents these excerpts from the Australian journalist John Pilger’s book The New Rulers of the World, which was published by Verso in 2002, in the interest of providing the historical background about the massacres that took place in Indonesia. Reading them will educate one on the despicable and criminal roles that Australia, Britain, and the US played. ”There were bodies being washed up on the lawns of the British consulate in Surabaya, and British warships escorted a ship full of Indonesian troops down the Malacca Straits so that they could take part in this terrible holocaust,” for example Pilger writes. In his work John Pilger also notes that the US was directly involved in the operations of the death squads and helped compile the lists of people to be murdered while the Australian, British, and US media were used as propaganda tools to whitewash the coup and bloodbaths in Indonesia. A key point, however, that is emphasizes is that the underlying economic motivations and plunder hidden behind the ideological discourse of the Cold War that really motivated the massacres in Indonesia.
John Pilger, 2002
… according to a CIA memorandum, Prime Minister Harold Macmillan and President John Kennedy had agreed to ‘liquidate President Sukarno, depending on the situation and available opportunities’. The CIA author added, ‘It is not clear to me whether murder or overthrow is intended by the word liquidate.’
Sukarno was a populist, the founder of modern Indonesia and of the non-aligned movement of developing countries, which he hoped would forge a genuine ‘third way’ between the spheres of the two superpowers. In 1955, he convened the ‘Asia-Africa Conference’ in the Javanese hill city of Bandung. It was the first time the leaders of the developing world, the majority of humanity, had met to forge common interests: a prospect that alarmed the western powers, especially as the vision and idealism of nonalignment represented a potentially popular force that might seriously challenge neo-colonialism. The hopes invested in such an unprecedented meeting are glimpsed in the faded tableaux and black-and-white photographs in the museum at Bandung and in the forecourt of the splendid art deco Savoy Hotel, where the following Bandung Principles are displayed:
I – Respect for fundamental human rights and the principles of the United Nations Charter.
2 – Respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all nations.
3 – The recognition of the equality of all peoples.
4 – The settlement of disputes by peaceful means.
Sukarno could be a democrat and a demagogue. For a time, Indonesia was a parliamentary democracy, then became what he called a ‘guided democracy’. He encouraged mass trade unions and peasant, women’s and cultural movements. Between 1959 and 1965, more than 15 million people joined political parties or affiliated mass organisations that were encouraged to challenge British and American influence in the region. With 3 million members, the PKI was the largest communist party in the world outside the Soviet Union and China. According to the Australian historian Harold Crouch, ‘the PKI had won widespread support not as a revolutionary party but as an organisation defending the interests of ‘the poor within the existing system’. It was this popularity, rather than any armed insurgency, that alarmed the Americans. Like Vietnam to the north, Indonesia might ‘go communist’ .
In 1990, the American investigative journalist Kathy Kadane revealed the extent of secret American collaboration in the massacres of 1965-66 which allowed Suharto to seize the presidency. Following a series of interviews with former US officials, she wrote, ‘They systematically compiled comprehensive lists of communist operatives. As many as 5,000 names were furnished to the Indonesian army, and the Americans later checked off the names of those who had been killed or captured.’ One of those interviewed was Robert J Martens, a political officer in the US embassy in Jakarta. ‘It was a big help to the army,’ he said. ‘They probably killed a lot of people and I probably have a lot of blood on my hands, but that’s not all bad. There’s a time when you have to strike hard at a decisive moment.’ Joseph Lazarsky, the deputy CIA station chief in Jakarta, said that confirmation of the killings came straight from Suharto’s headquarters. ‘We were getting a good account in Jakarta of who was being picked up,’ he said. ‘The army had a “shooting list” of about 4,000 or 5,000 people. They didn’t have enough goon squads to zap them all, and some individuals were valuable for interrogation. The infrastructure [of the PKI] was zapped almost immediately. We knew what they were doing . . . Suharto and his advisers said, if you keep them alive you have to feed them.’
Having already armed and equipped much of the army, Washington secretly supplied Suharto’s troops with a field communications network as the killings got under way. Flown in at night by US air force planes based in the Philippines, this was state-of-the-art equipment, whose high frequencies were known to the CIA and the National Security Agency advising President Johnson. Not only did this allow Suharto’s generals to co-ordinate the killings, it meant that the highest echelons of the US administration were listening in and that Suharto could seal off large areas of the country. Although there is archive film of people being herded into trucks and driven away, a single fuzzy photograph of a massacre is, to my knowledge, the only pictorial record of what was Asia’s holocaust.

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Keiser Report (E943): Revolving Doors Summer Solutions Series

In this special episode of the 2016 Summer Solutions series of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy talk first to former banker, now author, Nomi Prins, about a solution to the revolving door between Wall Street and DC. They discuss whether or not Hillary Clinton’s highly paid speeches to Goldman Sachs matter and whether or not Wall Street expects anything in return for its contributions to her campaign. In the second half, Max and Stacy talk to UK activist Tina Rothery about fracking being forced upon the people of North Yorkshire, who have overwhelmingly expressed their resistance to the ‘controversial’ natural gas and oil extraction method. They ask what the solution is going forward when elected officials choose corporations over populations.

Great Episode of the Keiser Report on revolving door Government/Banks with legalised bribery and legalised insider trading etc. The previous guest (last ep.) made a great point that, in relation to general governance, we are in a system that favours high functioning psychopaths assisted by zombie bureaucrat followers. 

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