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Brexit Is Only the Latest Proof of the Insularity and Failure of Western Establishment Institutions

The decision by U.K. voters to leave the EU is such a glaring repudiation of the wisdom and relevance of elite political and media institutions that — for once — their failures have become a prominent part of the storyline. Media reaction to the Brexit vote falls into two general categories: (1) earnest, candid attempts to understand what motivated voters to make this choice, even if that means indicting their own establishment circles, and (2) petulant, self-serving, simple-minded attacks on disobedient pro-Leave voters for being primitive, xenophobic bigots (and stupid to boot), all to evade any reckoning with their own responsibility. Virtually every reaction that falls into the former category emphasizes the profound failures of Western establishment factions; these institutions have spawned pervasive misery and inequality, only to spew condescending scorn at their victims when they object.
Though there were some exceptions, establishment political and media elites in the U.K. were vehemently united against Brexit, but their decreed wisdom was ignored, even scorned. That has happened time and again. As their fundamental failures become more evident to all, these elites have lost credibility, influence, and the ability to dictate outcomes.

Just last year in the U.K., Labour members chose someone to lead Tony Blair’s party — the authentically left-wing Jeremy Corbyn — who could not have been more intensely despised and patronized by almost every leading light of the British media and political class. In the U.S., the joyful rejection by Trump voters of the collective wisdom of the conservative establishment evidenced the same contempt for elite consensus. The enthusiastic and sustained rallying, especially by young voters, against beloved-by-the-establishment Hillary Clinton in favor of a 74-year-old socialist taken seriously by almost no D.C. elites reflected the same dynamic. Elite denunciations of the right-wing parties of Europe fall on deaf ears. Elites can’t stop, or even affect, any of these movements because they are, at bottom, revolts against their wisdom, authority, and virtue.
In sum, the West’s establishment credibility is dying, and its influence is precipitously eroding — all deservedly so. The frenetic pace of online media makes even the most recent events feel distant, like ancient history. That, in turn, makes it easy to lose sight of how many catastrophic and devastating failures Western elites have produced in a remarkably short period of time.

In 2003, U.S. and British elites joined together to advocate one of the most heinous and immoral aggressive wars in decades: the destruction of Iraq; that it turned out to be centrally based on falsehoods that were ratified by the most trusted institutions, as well as a complete policy failure even on its own terms, gutted public trust.

In 2008, their economic worldview and unrestrained corruption precipitated a global economic crisis that literally caused, and is still causing, billions of people to suffer — in response, they quickly protected the plutocrats who caused the crisis while leaving the victimized masses to cope with the generational fallout. Even now, Western elites continue to proselytize markets and impose free trade and globalization without the slightest concern for the vast inequality and destruction of economic security those policies generate.

In 2011, NATO bombed Libya by pretending it was motivated by humanitarianism, only to ignore that country once the fun military triumph was celebrated, thus leaving a vacuum of anarchy and militia rule for years that spread instability through the region and fueled the refugee crisis. The U.S. and its European allies continue to invade, occupy, and bomb predominantly Muslim countries while propping up their most brutal tyrants, then feign befuddlement about why anyone would want to attack them back, justifying erosions of basic liberties and more bombing campaigns and ratcheting up fear levels each time someone does. The rise of ISIS and the foothold it seized in Iraq and Libya were the direct byproducts of the West’s military actions (as even Tony Blair admitted regarding Iraq). Western societies continue to divert massive resources into military weaponry and prisons for their citizens, enriching the most powerful factions in the process, all while imposing harsh austerity on already suffering masses. In sum, Western elites thrive while everyone else loses hope.
More importantly still — and directly contrary to what establishment liberals love to claim in order to demonize all who reject their authority — economic suffering and xenophobia/racism are not mutually exclusive. The opposite is true: The former fuels the latter, as sustained economic misery makes people more receptive to tribalistic scapegoating. That’s precisely why plutocratic policies that deprive huge portions of the population of basic opportunity and hope are so dangerous.

Claiming that supporters of Brexit or Trump or Corbyn or Sanders or anti-establishment European parties on the left and right are motivated only by hatred but not genuine economic suffering and political oppression is a transparent tactic for exonerating status quo institutions and evading responsibility for doing anything about their core corruption.

A very good assessment of the situation from . Worth reading and sharing to counteract the hype being pushed in favour of 'Remain'.

This quote taken from the article is worth considering also:
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Sean Hannity & Former Clinton Secret Service Agent Gary Byrne on Hillary Clinton's Character & Donald Trump

Sean Hannity and Former Secret Service Agent Gary... by debunkerbuster

(A Must See and Share vid - ed.)

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International Military Review – Syria & Iraq, June 27

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Did A New Study Just Find GMOs Safe? - Questions For Corbett

Why does America attack the I-CIA-SIS it created? Was Gladio an outgrowth of SOE? How do you get a loved one out of the military? And did the National Academy of Sciences just find GMOs to be safe in a new study? Find out the answer to these and other burning questions as James opens the mailbag for this month's edition of Questions For Corbett.

People asked why would the US both fund and fight ISIS? The first thing to remember is that the US has not really attacked ISIS effectively, and secondly everyone is this game is expendable, including US troops. ISIS is ultimately expendable. They are just tools to destroy the secular nation state enemies of Israel in the Middle East.

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While you were distracted by BREXIT, Monsanto's puppets in the U.S. Senate announced a 'compromise' to outlaw GMO labeling laws nationwide

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Show This Video to a Hillary Clinton Supporter

It's a compilation of clips that is nearly an hour long. If you can get a Hillary supporter to watch it and they still want to vote for her afterwards, then there is nothing that can change their mind.

Crooked Hillary Killary Shillary Hitlary... by debunkerbuster

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Petition for Second EU Referendum Under Scrutiny Over Fake Signatures

Petition is being investigated for fraud as about 77K signatures seem to be fake or signed by people who aren't British citizens: thousands from Vatican and North Korea. Marine le Pen even posted a video where she managed to sign it under the name of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The most disgraceful aspect of the Brexit vote is that it seems like democracy is only good enough for one side of this debate and not the other. (There are also the disgraceful claims by those that lost that those voting to leave must be racist).

Leaving the EU is not the disaster people think it will be. It will only be made bad by fear mongering, attacks from big money interests shocking the stock market including the downgrading the UK's credit rating, and similar shenanigans. The benefit is having real democracy from Brussels' edicts.

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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

'Loose Cannons': CIA Arms Destined for Syrian Moderates 'Get Stolen, Emerge on Black Market'

CIA weapons supplied to the so-called “moderate” Syrian rebels via Jordan have been “systematically stolen” to be sold on the black market, a new report based on testimonies of American and Jordanian officials to the NYT and Al Jazeera has revealed.

The US has no business arming the rebels in what is a proxy war. There are no real moderates (certainly none of the leading fighting groups are) and the US knows these kinds of arms transfers - to acknowledged extremists - have been going on for years. What is happening is criminal. US officials, including the President, need to be charged with war crimes - for actively facilitating war (via arms & training) in a country that is not an imminent threat to the USA. Although it is said the US is fighting ISIS it cannot be ignored that they are also attacking the recognised (and legitimate) Government of that country. The US is engaged in an act of aggression via proxy.

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Russia Defense Report: Kuril Islands Dispute

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Legendary Lie #1 - Lying Crooked Hillary

Legendary Lie #1 - Lying Crooked Hillary by debunkerbuster

Hillary has no shame! The Benghazi attacks were a preventable tragedy disgraced further by Hillary’s web of lies. She knew within hours that the attacks in Benghazi were a terrorist attack, and not a spontaneous protest due to a You Tube Video. But she lied anyways. She stood in front of the flag-draped coffins of four Americans that died serving their country and peddled the lie that the video was to blame both to the victims’ families and the American public.

But she didn’t only lie about what she knew about the Benghazi attack; she had the gall to say that she never told the Benghazi victims’ families that the video was to blame – essentially calling THEM liars.

One family member, Charles Woods – father of Tyrone Woods, a retired Navy Seal killed in the Benghazi attacks on September 11, 2012 –recalls that Hillary told him, “We are going to have the filmmaker arrested who was responsible for the death of your son.” Patricia Smith, grieving mother of victim Sean Smith, remembers clearly what Hillary told her as well and says she never received a real explanation from Clinton or the Obama administration on what happened.

The truth is that massive security failures at the highest levels of the Obama administration and Clinton’s State Department put the Benghazi mission at grave risk as terrorist threats grew daily. Her incompetence cost lives and her attempt to cover up the truth is an indignity on the memory of the fallen heroes in Benghazi.


Crooked Hillary Killary Shillary Hitlary... by debunkerbuster

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Obama Administration Approved Gulf Fracking During Deepwater Horizon Disaster

Hydraulic fracturing (or "fracking") technology has been widely used to maximize oil-and-gas production in the Gulf of Mexico in recent years, and the government allows offshore drillers to dump fracking chemicals mixed with wastewater directly into the Gulf, according to documents released to Truthout and the Center for Biological Diversity under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

From 2010 to October 2014, the Obama administration approved more than 1,500 permit applications for offshore drilling plans that included fracking at hundreds of wells across the Gulf of Mexico, according to the documents. An unknown number of permit applications have yet to be released, so the scope of offshore fracking in the Gulf is likely larger.

During this time regulators issued more than 300 "categorical exclusions" to exempt drilling plans that included fracking from complex environmental reviews. The use of categorical exclusions has been under heavy scrutiny since 2010, when the media learned that BP's drilling plan for the Deepwater Horizon rig was categorically excluded from review in the months before a deadly explosion on the platform caused the worst oil spill in United States history.

Federal records show that regulators approved several drilling plans involving fracking in the Gulf of Mexico even as the Deepwater Horizon disaster unfolded and oil from a broken well spewed into the Gulf for weeks on end.

"The Deepwater Horizon disaster should have been a wake up call that we need to move away from offshore drilling," said Kristen Monsell, an attorney for the Center for Biological Diversity, in an interview with Truthout. "But now the federal government is rubber-stamping practices like fracking without doing any environmental review or notifying the public, and it's just another disaster waiting to happen."

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Everything That Goes Wrong Will Be Blamed On Brexit

Paul Joseph Watson breaks down how the EU will blame everything that goes wrong with the UK on BREXIT.

Originally posted at Phoenix Rising.

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Hillary Clinton Accidentally Reads "Sigh" from Her Teleprompter

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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

CrossTalk: Bullhorns Brexit

The meaning of Brexit – the bigger picture. UK voters have rejected the EU and, importantly, they have rejected the political status quo. Today, sovereignty and national interest trump elite-driven internationalism.

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Washington fears Brexit will unravel its anti-Russia policy

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The Campaign To Undermind The Vote — Guest Column by Richie Allen

But I am worried. This afternoon, former mayor of London Boris Johnson and current justice secretary Michael Gove, the leading lights in the Vote Leave team, said there was no rush to invoke article 50. “There is no need for haste,” Johnson said. “As the Prime Minister has just said, nothing will change over the short term except that work will have to begin on how to give effect to the will of the people and to extricate this country from the supranational system.”

But that’s not what the prime minister said is it? Johnson went on to say he foresaw meetings with leaders of EU member states in advance of invoking article 50 and serving notice Britain would leave. This is very alarming. Meeting with EU officials before triggering Article 50? Why? Well, maybe this has something to do with it. Sky News called the referendum for Vote Leave at 4.45AM this morning. Within minutes, their chief political correspondent Faisal Islam, said he imagined a scenario, where Merkel, Hollande, Juncker and Tusk, would come back to Britain, with another deal! Islam said that this deal might offer the option of The UK remaining in the common market, but retaining more control of who enters the country from other member states. This has been repeated on British TV and radio this afternoon, by other commentators.

As an Irishman, the alarm bells have begun ringing and ringing loud. Remember, my country, The Republic of Ireland, was the only country, to hold a referendum on whether or not to ratify The Lisbon Treaty. It took place in June 2008. The Irish rejected it, but a year later, the Irish government came back to the electorate, on the orders of Brussels, with an allegedly better deal. A referendum weary public rolled their eyes and sighed, but the government and the EU won the day and the treaty was ratified. I’ve never known anything as undemocratic. I remain convinced that the EU would have come back again and again if necessary, until the Irish did what they were told.

So I am worried. David Cameron, who will remain as PM until October, should be triggering Article 50 tonight, or tomorrow at the latest. The British people have made their decision. The fact that he hasn’t and that the victors are saying there is no rush, while the media talk of counter offers from the cabal in Brussels, leaves me very worried indeed. In the absence of any real media, we in the independent media, must work harder than ever, to remind people, that while today is a great day and one to be enjoyed, the real work begins now. We have to make sure that pledges made pre-referendum, are honoured and quickly. There should be no talk of any new deal, or another referendum. The process of leaving should begin now, not next month or next year.

Although there might be a move to keep the UK within the EU, many other countries are now looking to leave. There are the French, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, but also Czechia, Hungary, Slovakia, and Greece are ready to leave EU. The EU might self destruct in short order.

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Keiser Report (E932): Your Special Brexit Coctail

In this episode of the Keiser Report from New York City, Max and Stacy are joined by Mitch Feierstein of in order to dissect the economic, monetary and financial consequences of the ‘shocking’ Brexit vote - Britain votes to leave the European Union. The Keiser Report team look closer at the market sell off and ask whether or not it is part of a wider market weakness already set in motion months ago and then examine the role of the media, much as in the case of the rise of Donald Trump, in simply failing to understand the ‘disposable’ voters left behind by globalisation. Mitch shows a chart proving that the biggest pound sterling sell off was actually in 2008 and the currency has never really recovered since then. And, finally, they look at the opportunities presented by panic selling.

Must see episode.

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Peter Hitchens so happy about Brexit  

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30 Years of Trump Consistency: Pro-America, Against NAFTA, Straight Talking, Concerned about Jobs and Outsourcing, a Reluctant President Who Only Wants to Save the Country, The Real Deal. A Nationalist and Patriot. MUST SEE Video.

30 Years of Trump Consistency: Pro-America... by debunkerbuster

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Call for Crisis Actors in Bernie's Hometown DURING the DNC!

A call went out on Craigslist on June 12th for crisis actors dressed in fake wounds for a military-style training exercise in Burlington, VT — where Bernie lives and where his campaign headquarters is stationed — DURING the last three days of the DNC. The "coincidence" cannot be missed here...

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Still Report #976 - Why Hillary May Not Be Indicted

There is a new reason why Hillary Clinton may not be indicted by the Justice Department; President Obama would have to testify before a Grand Jury and possibly at a trial.

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Is True Blue Pennsylvania About to Turn Red?

There is one Hillary sign I have seen in my great state. I've seen two Hillary for Prison signs and too many Trump signs to count.

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Monday, 27 June 2016

ISIS to Expand in Indonesia

Indonesia isn’t the first country that you might think of when talking about Islam. Yet at 258 million people, Indonesia is the fourth most populous country on earth, and with Muslims making up 87% of it’s population, it is easily the most populous Muslim nation.

So with Islamic terrorism becoming a major threat around the world, does the largest Muslim nation on earth have a problem with these jihadists? Since 2001, there have been well over a dozen notable terrorist attacks on Indonesian soil, with over 300 people killed. 202 of these were just from the 2002 Bali Bombings of Australian tourists on the Bali tourist island.

The majority of these attacks had links to Islamic terrorism, mostly to the notorious terrorist group Jemaah Islamiah, which is described by the Australian Government as being committed “to overthrow the Indonesian Government and establish a pan-Islamic state in South-East Asia”

While these figures are small in comparison with the number of terrorist attacks in other Muslim nations in the Middle East, a new report by the Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict (IPAC) is concerned that the numbers will significantly rise due to “more potential fighters willing to take on the war at home” in Indonesia because of the recent tightening of the boarders around the Middle East war against ISIS.

One of the main efforts by the Indonesian government to tackle terrorism has been to put captured terrorists through a de-radicalization program run by Indonesia’s National Counter-Terrorism Agency (BNPT). But the program has come under intense scrutiny since one of it’s ‘graduates’ attacked a police traffic post only months later, as well as a Starbucks and a shopping mall in centre of the nation’s capital Jakarta.

According to an investigation published in ‘The Australian’ newspaper, the program to de-radicalize captured Islamic extremists in the biggest Muslim nation of Indonesia is quite obviously failing.

If the radicals capture a large portion of the youth vote in Indonesia we could see the country move towards having an extremist-nationalist driven Government in the near future. For neighbouring countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia and Australia, such an outcome would constitute a direct threat to their populations. In this scenario, if the US is taken down due to an economic collapse or natural disaster (the Yellowstone volcano), an expansionist Indonesian State might seek to attack its neighbours, in an effort to create a greater 'caliphate'.

Although wars are to be avoided negotiating from a position of strength is always the best way forward. Your national borders and human rights don't actually matter if someone with a gun can simply come and take these things from you.

Contingency planning is needed to ensure an adequate military response to any acts of aggression. There is an Australian Defence White Paper submission that directly addresses this problem: KEY CAPABILITY OBJECTIVES AND MISSION STATEMENT FOR THE AUSTRALIAN DEFENCE FORCE - 2015

Of course the rise of ISIS could be cut short if "the West, Gulf Countries, and Turkey" stopped supporting these extremists in Syria where they are being used as a tool of regime change.

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