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ISIS’ Bloody Footprints Lead From NATO Territory

It was reported recently that Germany’s broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) investigated what turned out to be hundreds of trucks a day carrying billions of dollars in supplies, flowing into Syria and directly into the hands of the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS).

Turkey, a NATO member since 1952, has played a pivotal role in the destabilization and destruction of neighboring Syria. Since 2011, Turkey has allowed its territory to be used as a transit and staging point for sectarian terrorists flowing from around the world and into Syria in what could be described as a de facto NATO invasion by proxy.
In 2011, after the Libyan conflict drew to an end in favor of NATO, terrorists it had armed and provided air cover for in North Africa were promptly shipped to Turkey where they then slipped into Syria to engage the Syrian government and its military. Since then, an untold number of terrorists have used not only Turkey as a staging ground, but also Lebanon and Jordan.

In addition to literal terrorists being harbored in NATO territory, security agencies of NATO members including the US and UK, have been active along the Turkish-Syrian border arming, funding. and equipping what they call “moderate rebels.” These moderate rebels have recently been revealed as affiliates of or organized directly organized beneath both Al Qaeda and ISIS.

DW’s report does not implicate merely Turkey in aiding and abetting ISIS, but exposes the fact that ISIS’ supply lines lead from within NATO itself – in other words, ISIS is a creation, perpetuation, and agent of NATO.

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Sydney Siege - The Truth About Who Is Responsible

Sydney Siege Who Is to Blame? Is it Islam, Shoddy Courts, Immigration Screening, Or is there something more? A perspective from a Syrian Australian, who warned about the rise of terror, in the middle east and the world.

The point being made here is that unstable, or grossly misguided people are feeding off what is going on overseas. Tweets from the killer referenced what was going on in Syria.

This is no excuse for what happened, but actions overseas do contribute, and leave open the door for more unstable/misguided people to react the same way in the future - taking hostages/murders in the name of ISIS.

So while the police and judiciary can do more to stop knowingly violent people walking the streets, it's also worth knowing what events are encouraging certain people to act in these ways. The sad fact is that the west (including the Saudis and Turks) have had a huge role in the success of ISIS because they want regime change in Syria.

Proxy wars are a problem, not only because of the war itself, but because of the domestic terrorist suckers that are feeding into the false war paradigm.

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Sony Hack: What They're Not Telling You

The White House claims North Korea is responsible for the Sony hack; Here's what they're not telling you.

Further to what was said in the clip, indicating the attack is an inside job, is the fact that the NSA would surely know who is responsible with their blanket surveillance.

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The Real Story Behind Oil Prices

David Knight takes the studio for Alex Jones and talks with Paul Craig Roberts about the truth behind the low oil prices and what is really driving them.

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No More Siding With Wall Street - It's Time to Step Up the Fight for Financial Reform

The fight continues to build the power of Main Street over Wall Street and hold those people who crashed the economy accountable. 
Five years ago, just after the meltdown of the U.S. financial system, a number of labor, consumer, civil rights, and community-based organizations came together to form Americans for Financial Reform (AFR) – a coalition of hard-working groups and individuals pushing for strong reforms to the U.S. banking system.

I served as the Executive Director of AFR starting at that time, and I saw firsthand what an uphill battle the fight for strong financial reforms wasleading up to the passage of the Dodd-Frank Act. It was a David vs. Goliath battle – the financial industry spent over $1 million a day on lobbying during that time period - more than we spent in that whole year!  But we made some important progress, even as we need to make more progress.  And the struggle continues.

I turned over the reins of AFR to Lisa Donner, after the passage of Dodd-Frank. Financial reformers have pushed – again and again and again – for meaningful implementation of the new law, for tough new and much needed provisions like the 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act that go beyond Dodd-Frank, and to prevent the banks from stopping reform in its tracks.

I am writing today to let you know something important:  the budget fight in the U.S. Congress last week demonstrated that the fight for Wall Street reform is about to escalate again, and that things are only going to get more difficult when the big banks pick up even additional influence in the U.S. Senate in a few weeks.

This means AFR’s work is going to be more urgent and critical than ever.  And it means, more than ever, we’re going to need help from people all across the country who care about these issues.

As the New Year approaches, I thank you for what you’ve done. But more importantly, I ask you to keep at it - signing petitions, forwarding emails to your friends, writing to legislators or regulators, and helping keep bank reform on the front burner in Washington

You can also join me in sending a message to Congress: No More Siding with Wall Street!  I’m going to continue standing up with AFR for a banking system that works for all Americans and against rollbacks of provisions in the Dodd-Frank Act that hold Wall Street accountable.

I hope you will join me in signing on and sending a clear message: No more siding with Wall Street over Main Street!

Thank you,

Heather Booth
Former Executive Director
Americans for Financial Reform

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Friday, 19 December 2014

America on a War Footing: Three Members of Congress Just Reignited the Cold War While No One Was Looking

Late Thursday night, the House of Representatives unanimously passed a far-reaching Russia sanctions bill, a hydra-headed incubator of poisonous conflict. The second provocative anti-Russian legislation in a week, it further polarizes our relations with Russia, helping to cement a Russia-China alliance against Western hegemony, and undermines long-term America’s financial and physical security by handing the national treasury over to war profiteers.

Here’s how the House’s touted “unanimity” was achieved: Under a parliamentary motion termed “unanimous consent,” legislative rules can be suspended and any bill can be called up. If any member of Congress objects, the motion is blocked and the bill dies.

At 10:23:54 p.m. on Thursday, a member rose to ask “unanimous consent” for four committees to be relieved of a Russia sanctions bill. At this point the motion, and the legislation, could have been blocked by a single member who would say “I object.” No one objected, because no one was watching for last-minute bills to be slipped through.

Most of the House and the media had emptied out of the chambers after passage of the $1.1 trillion government spending package.

The Congressional Record will show only three of 425 members were present on the floor to consider the sanctions bill. Two of the three feigned objection, creating the legislative equivalent of a ‘time out.’ They entered a few words of support, withdrew their “objections” and the clock resumed.

According to the clerk’s records, once the bill was considered under unanimous consent, it was passed, at 10:23:55 p.m., without objection, in one recorded, time-stamped second, unanimously.

Then the House adjourned.

I discovered, in my 16 years in Congress, that many members seldom read the legislation on which they vote. On Oct. 24, 2001, House committees spent long hours debating the Patriot Act. At the last minute, the old bill was swapped out for a version with draconian provisions. I voted against that version of the Patriot Act, because I read it. The legislative process requires attention.

Legislation brought before Congress under “unanimous consent” is not read by most members simply because copies of the bill are generally not available. During the closing sessions of Congress I would often camp out in the House chamber, near the clerk’s desk, prepared to say “I object” when something of consequence appeared out of the blue. Dec. 11, 2014, is one of the few times I regret not being in Congress to have the ability to oversee the process.

The Russia Sanctions bill that passed “unanimously,” with no scheduled debate, at 10:23:55 p.m. on Dec. 11, 2014, includes:

1. Sanctions of Russia’s energy industry, including Rosoboronexport and Gazprom.
2. Sanctions of Russia’s defense industry, with respect to arms sales to Syria.
3. Broad sanctions on Russians’ banking and investments.
4. Provisions for privatization of Ukrainian infrastructure, electricity, oil, gas and renewables, with the help of the World Bank and USAID.
5. Fifty million dollars to assist in a corporate takeover of Ukraine’s oil and gas sectors.

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Putin on Ukraine: Kiev is Running Punitive Military Operation, Not Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Russia is ready to mediate in the Ukraine crisis and denied Russians killed there have been members of Russian military.

Putin is correct in what he says here, that the coup in Kiev (which put in power a number of anti-Russian neo-Nazis) caused the violence. This circumstance caused the semi-autonomous region of Crimea to break away from the rest of the country, followed by the Russian speaking eastern regions. If open elections had been held from the beginning there would be no ongoing crisis. The agressors are based out of Kiev, with support from Washington neocons.  

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Boston Bombing: Feds Admit No Evidence Tsarnaev Brothers Involved in the Slayings

For nearly any crime requiring a “Whodunnit” answer in Boston around the time of the April 15, 2013, Marathon bombing, the authorities answered: The Tsarnaev brothers.

One egregious crime pinned on them was a grisly Sept. 11, 2011, triple murder in Waltham, Mass.
Now, prosecutors in the trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev have delivered a shocking reversal. They admit to having no evidence that his dead brother, Tamerlan, was involved in the slayings.

That wasn’t the case right after the bombing: law enforcement fingered Tamerlan as the perpetrator, and suggested Dzokhar may have been involved. Much of the media has presented it as fact ever since.

This is a pattern we’ve seen since the bombing: The government feeds prejudicial information (usually anonymously) to the press, implying Tamerlan and Dzhokhar’s guilt, despite having flimsy or no evidence. In the most extreme example, prosecutors had to completely recant their accusation thatthe brothers robbed a 7-Eleven.
The Tsarnaev brothers did not carry out the Boston bombing. The backpacks they were wearing on the day are different colours to the ones that exploded.

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Don't Let Sydney Siege Claim Your Freedom: Russell Brand The Trews

Analysis of the media and government's reaction to the siege in Sydney, as a lone gunman seized dozens of hostages on Monday.

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Keiser Report (E693): Oil Can Combust & Blow it All

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the blood-bathing in the oil related markets - from the Dubai stock exchange to the West Australian fracking company gone bust to some of the highest paid jobs in America being laid off. In the second half Max interviews former banker turned independent media star, Brian Rose of London Real TV and Silicon Real. They discuss whether or not London can ever be a new Silicon Valley.

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How to Avoid the Next Obama - Larry Pinkney on The Eyeopener

Larry Pinkney of joins us today to discuss how and why so many well-meaning Americans were bamboozled by Obama's "hope and change" routine in 2008. We discuss the failed establishment left/right paradigm and how the misleaders of the left who rally their flock around the Democrat flag every election cycle, as well as how community activism can lift us out of the cycle of abuse inflicted on the people by the political machine.

Pay attention to details. Don't be deceived by propaganda. It was easy to understand that Obama was going to be a corrupt leader in 2008 when you examined facts. Go for third party candidates and get involved in local Government to gain control of your area so that the established parties are put out of the picture.

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Michael Rivero - Dec. 15, 2014 - Harper Government to Outlaw Peaceful Protests?

Torture Report: US used same terms and excuses as Nazis

The Sydney incident mentioned at the start of the show seems to be the work of a mentally unstable person and not a false flag, or organised terrorism. The clip is a great summary of recent events happening around the world.

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Pro-Israel American Conservative: Thank God for ISIS... US Will Be in Middle East Forever

Speaking on a panel about “Obama’s assault on the military” at David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend last month, Family Research Council executive vice president Jerry Boykin lamented that “people are not paying enough attention” to “the destruction of our military” under President Obama, adding, “thank God for ISIS” for bringing attention to it.

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Russian Ruble Collapse, Higher Interest Rates Not Helping

The Russian ruble continues to plummet, despite the central bank's latest move to defend the currency. Overnight, interest rates here hiked to 17%. At first that brought some relief - but then the ruble quickly lost those early gains.

As reported in the online media, we have entered a stage of currency wars. The pressure here will be used to influence Russian action in Ukraine. If Washington could, they would implement regime change in Russia.

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Nasa Finds Evidence of 'Life on Mars'

Evidence of life on Mars could have been found by Nasa's Curiosity Rover.

One of the instruments on the robot found mysterious spikes of methane that cannot easily be explained by geology or other theories. Scientists can’t be sure what is causing the spikes, but it is possible that it could be very small, bacteria-like living organisms.

If the gas is coming from living, breathing microbes then it would mark one of the biggest discoveries in history.

Scientists have said that the rover now has to test and re-test the possibility of life.

NASA has been dishonest in its characterisation of Mars. For instance, the atmosphere is much thicker than they claim featuring a pale blue sky. This post explains the deception: The Martian Atmosphere Must be Thicker Than We've been Told

Furthermore, Mike Rivero at has pointed out that the data from Viking missions to Mars in the 1970s almost certainly uncovered evidence of Martian microbes in the soil:
Back in 1976 the Viking Landers carried two different experiments to detect life. The first took a sample of Martian soil and dropped it into a generic nutrient solution tagged with a radioactive isotope and waited for radioactive gas to be released by metabolic processes. This experiment showed a positive result.

The second experiment was a gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer that heated a sample of Martian soil to cause large organic molecules to leave the soil and be drawn into a mass spectrometer, but unlike the inorganic mass spectrometer the heat was kept low enough to not cause the molecules themselves to come apart. This experiment returned a negative for the organic molecules it was designed to detect.

NASA was faced with one positive and one negative result. Most of us sitting at those consoles were convinced the positive needed to be given priority.

NASA was under a huge amount of public pressure over the issue of life on Mars. In particular the Buy-bull bangers were adamant that there could not possibly be life on Mars because the Bible did not mention it, and life on other planets meant Earth was not special in the eyes of whatever gods were being prayed to. Some of the controllers were getting death threats from fanatics like the Children of God. The post-Apollo "New" NASA was already entrenched. The scientists with the PhDs were no longer in control, but political appointees with MBAs ran the show, and so a political decision was made to ignore the positive result, rely on the negative, and declare that Viking had not found any life on Mars at all. That placated the masses at what we all felt was the expense of the truth.

Now, years later, subsequent probes to Mars have discovered a high amount of perchlorate in the Martian soil. In the presence of heat, perchlorate will decompose organic molecules. So the Viking organic mass spectrometer was destroying the organic molecules before it ever had a chance to detect them. That means the negative result was bogus data and can be discarded. That leaves just one positive result.

In subsequent years, other scientists have re-examined the Viking data and come to the conclusion that we did indeed find life on Mars.

And before anyone shouts, "Oh no, NASA would never hide such an important find", please recall that when Marco Polo returned from China he was promptly locked away in a dungeon by the Dominicans on the orders of the church, who thought that their control over Europe would be threatened by public awareness of a great civilization to the East that had never heard of Jesus. Eventually, word of Marco Polo's discoveries leaked out and he was released.

There is no question that confirmation of extraterrestrial life will be a socially transformative event. Humans might decide to put down their weapons of war and unite to find our just who is out there. For those governments dependent on war, that is a huge threat to their power and ample motive to bias their assessment of the Viking results towards the negative.
At present I would not trust the official NASA or ESA narrative concerning conditions on Mars. However, we can trust unfiltered evidence from direct imaging of Mars from Earth-based telescopes (plus some of the Hubble pictures of Mars) that reveals images quite different to those we are accustomed to:

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On the Brink of War and Economic Collapse — Paul Craig Roberts

On occasion a reader will ask if I can give readers some good news. The answer is: not unless I lie to you like “your” government and the mainstream media do. If you want faked “good news,” you need to retreat into The Matrix. In exchange for less stress and worry, you will be led unknowingly into financial ruin and nuclear armageddon.

If you want to be forewarned, and possibly prepared, for what “your” government is bringing you, and have some small chance of redirecting the course of events, read and support this site. It is your site. I already know these things. I write for you.

The neoconservatives, a small group of warmongers strongly allied with the military/industrial complex and Israel, gave us Granada and the Contras affair in Nicaragua. President Reagan fired them, and they were prosecuted, but subsequently pardoned by Reagan’s successor, George H.W. Bush.

Ensconced in think tanks and protected by Israeli and military/security complex money, the neoconservatives reemerged in the Clinton administration and engineered the breakup of Yugoslavia, the war against Serbia, and the expansion of NATO to Russia’s borders.

Neoconservatives dominated the George W. Bush regime. They controlled the Pentagon, the National Security Council, the Office of the Vice President, and much else. Neoconservatives gave us 9/11 and its coverup, the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, the beginning of the destabilizations of Pakistan and Yemen, the U.S. Africa Command, the invasion of South Ossetia by Georgia, the demise of the anti-ABM Treaty, unconstitutional and illegal spying on American citizens without warrants, loss of constitutional protections, torture, and the unaccountability of the executive branch to law, Congress, and the judiciary. In short, the neoconservatives laid the foundation for dictatorship and for WW III.
The Obama regime held no one accountable for the crimes of the Bush regime, thus creating the precedent that the executive branch is above the law. Instead, the Obama regime prosecuted whistleblowers who told the truth about government crimes.

Neoconservatives remain very influential in the Obama regime. As examples, Obama appointed neoconservative Susan Rice as his National Security Advisor. Obama appointed neoconservative Samantha Power as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. Obama appointed neoconservative Victoria Nuland as Assistant Secretary of State. Nuland’s office, working with the CIA and Washington-financed NGOs, organized the U.S. coup in Ukraine.

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“ISIL Completely Fabricated Enemy by USA”, Former CIA Contractor

Former CIA contractor, Steven D. Kelley, says that the ISIL terrorist group is a completely fabricated enemy created and funded by the United States.

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VIP Paedophile Networks 'Shut Down Police Investigations Which Got Too Close', Retired Officers Claim

High-level probes into VIP ­paedophile networks were shut down as police closed in on a number of powerful ­figures, former officers claim.

In an extraordinary development, detectives have turned whistleblower to expose how undercover operations were suddenly “canned”.

Almost 30 officers have been venting their anger online – heaping ­pressure on the probe by Scotland Yard and the Government into widespread claims of historic sexual abuse.

One former officer called Jim wrote: “This is about kids being raped by those in power that included politicians of all sorts.

“It goes to the very heart of our establishment.”
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Keiser Report (E692): Debt Meteor Approaching Earth

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert believe that ‘something’s gotta give’ as the real world continues to tumble while equity markets continue rising - and not everyone is 'lovin' it.' They also compare the debt curse to the oil curse. In the second half, Max interviews equity crowdfunding pioneer, Simon Dixon of, about the latest in CrowdFunding 2.0 as both the political and financial space is disintermediated.

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